Mark Smiderle, Principal & Board Member , Soft-Tex InternationalMark Smiderle, Principal & Board Member
Foam technology has been around for a long time, but with the growing popularity of online retailers, foam products like mattresses, pillows and more, are gaining popularity over their traditional innerspring counterparts. For instance, foam mattresses benefit side sleepers who require a softer transition to firmer core layers. Plus, foam can provide exceptional health benefits by relieving pain, body aches, and soreness and helping the human body recover more quickly from injuries. Today’s market is overwhelmed with several foam technology providers assisting manufacturers to create home comfort products, from substantial fluffy pillows to minimalistic supportive foam mattresses.

However, one company that is doing exceptionally well in the industry and reaching great heights year after year is Soft-Tex International. The company is widely recognized as an industry leader in developing and marketing patented sleep enhancement technologies. Along with foam technology, the company also offers several applications like iCOOL, fiber, fabric and wellness technologies to manufacturers to create bedding and home comfort products.

Soft-Tex gained popularity because of its memory foam products, as it is the first company to achieve the CertiPUR-US certification for molded memory foam products. From unique formulations, shapes, advanced ventilation, and integrated climate control, Soft-Tex memory foam products are wellrespected for their quality and meet the highest content, emissions, durability, and performance standards.

In 2020, Soft-Tex’s team surveyed 5,000 consumers across the United States, and it discovered four main factors that consumers are looking for when they plan to buy home comfort products. It included comfort, firmness, cooling capability, and value for money. Soft-Tex addresses these aspects with its latest cutting-edge features. With its modern technology, Soft-Tex is helping the world sleep and live better. Backed by hundreds of patents and trademarks, Soft-Tex is the leading choice for retailers and manufacturers looking to offer a differentiated, well-merchandised assortment of bedding and home comfort products with the latest features and benefits. “By striving real practical, discernible and affordable innovations in foam and textiles, we’re really making a mark for ourselves. As a result, we have the fine national & licensed brands approaching us to innovate for them in exchange,” states Mark Smiderle, Principal & Board Member of Soft-Tex.

The company’s recent innovation, REACTEX, a personal climate control technology, showcases Soft-Tex’s commitment to engineer the highest quality products that provide consumers with an optimal level of sleep satisfaction.

By striving for genuine practical, discernible and affordable innovations in foam and textiles, we’re making a mark for ourselves. As a result, we have the fine national & licensed brands approaching us to innovate for them in exchange

Reactex’s state-ofthe-art customization and pressure activation also helps deliver ideal, rechargeable temperature control and personalized comfort. Behind such innovations lies an in-house Think Tank consisting of staff engineers, PhDs, and more focused on providing cutting edge products to the market.

Since its inception, Soft-Tex is committed to meeting the highest quality standards for its customers, ensuring that its products are comfortable and safe. It maintains an active quality control function and performs regular inspections and audits of all factories and facilities. Every employee of Soft-Tex is responsible for quality. “All of our foams are pure US certified that meet the highest standard for low Volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. They are tested content, durability missions and performance,” says Mark. For such capabilities, the company has been honored two years in a row as part of the American Graphic Design Awards and was the only home textile company honored each time.

Talking about the predicament in the industry, Mark says, “the industry is experiencing pent up inflation when it comes to supply chain. According to our customers including retailers, bed manufacturers, and direct consumers dealing with the pentup inflation has been the number one challenge.” To address this issue, Soft-Tex is steadfastly committed to growing domestic and nearshore production. The company sources product globally to ensure the optimal supply chain for each product and customer. The sourcing and product development team is comprised of a multi-disciplinary staff across the U.S. and Asia, providing best-in-class product management, quality assurance, and product and chemical engineering. This team develops a product with Soft-Tex owned and factory partners across five continents.

Soft-Tex is well-known for creating unique and constructions like MemoryLOFT, Gel Fusion, and Power of 3 with the capability coupled with other technologies in fabrics and fibers like moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, stain resistance, cooling, and more. They are also exploring the expandability of foam in 3D printing, which allows them to build more innovative systems. The company is also working on other applications for beds that can get hot or cold based on the push of a button. The final version is almost done, and they are planning to commercialize it in 2022. For the road ahead, Soft-Tex has already doubled and is committed to increasing domestic and nearshore manufacturing.